Friday, April 30, 2010

` First day of the Buddha Festival`

Today is the first day of the Buddha Festival.

-lion dance performance with 3 Buddha statues behind them-

It is always held at South Bank and it's pretty much the same every year =__= The first time I went was quite fun but yeah...

I just watched the lion dancing and some children perform martial arts for 30 mins then I left to join my friends.

Now there are just 4 weeks left until my projects are due! WAAAAAAAH!!!

Project One: Editing !

Project Two: Need to do storyboards ! D= Plus find an appropriate location on campus to film it.

I also found out that my order from Asia-Fashion Wholesale (AFW) has finally come in! The soompier sent out the parcels yesterday I should receive it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Can't wait ! I'm really really hoping they will fit me alright >o<

On Tuesday I also did a lil bit of shopping in the city. My friend told me about this cute korean accessory store called Cozy Corner. Seems like it's just opened. I walked in and the girls were so friendly ~ The jewellery seemed cheap and quite nice. So much better than Diva fo`sure! I ended up buying 3 cute hairties and 2 earrings.


-$2 each!-

-I don't remember how much these were but they're nice as !-

I also bought a new cleanser from The Body Shop (TBS). First time using TBS skincare products and it works fairly decent. Nothing too outstanding. It's just a cleanser lol

And some random hat my brother brought home from the Buddha Festival...because he went too!

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