Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taiwan Shopping Haul

This post starts the Taiwan series and because I have waaay too many photos I decided to start off with something easy - my small shopping haul.



I'm not sure why I bought so many NATURAL lashes since I already have long lashes...kind of wished I bought more dramatic ones but oh well~~

Hair care products!

Two phone plugs...I think I prefer the pearl blue one more than the leopard bow one as the two balls attached literally look like two balls =_=
These are really common everywhere in Taiwan! So many to choose from! The only downside is when you're taking a photo, the charm gets in the way.

I was thinking maybe to cut one of the balls off~Thoughts?

More will come!!!


  1. WOAHH!! the two charms look cute as!! Hmm i like the pearl blue phone thingiie too~ I have pliers if you wanted to remove the two balls from the bow one

  2. Wow everything here looks so nice! ;3 I never heard of Maybelline Hello Kitty mascara, but it look so cute! ^_____^

    1. Asia is the best when it comes to cute accessories! I haven't used the Hello Kitty Maybelline mascara yet but according to the package, you don't need to curl your lashes beforehand but we will see ! I'll make a review when I get to use it ^^


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