Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to Uni! =D

Yesterday was the first day back of uni and my first lecture was at 5pm lol
I realised I had enrolled into a second year subject for my sub-major and I had no clue as to what the lecturer was talking about because he kept referring back to "foundations units that you did last year" D= I did no foundation units last year for Ent. Industries!! D= So I promptly unenrolled from that unit as soon as got home lol

After the lecture I went out for a night stroll with my DSLR and took a few snaps. Didn't take that many good ones because night photography proved more difficult than I expected! Lots of camera shake and blurs because I didn't have a tripod or I moved the camera too early, even when I had it rested on a smooth surface ... Fail, much? =__="

Here are the snaps. They're not edited but I took them in JPG rather than RAW (Still trying to work that out!!)

I really like this kind of composition where the "lines" draws to the centre. Just wish the metal bar was out of the way.

My thoughts is that the only pretty side of the Brisbane river is the casino area where the lights change different colours onto the river.

Other side of river...the giant Ferris Wheel

Last Friday night I went out to my bf's friend's birthday. I've only met the guy once so I was bit surprised he invited me. I thought we were going to out clubbing but it was just a chill lounge bar kind of environment.

I'm wearing Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown!!! Wasn't sure how I'd feel about these because I just adore my Sesame Grays but they're pretty good!

Ps. I've debating on a new blogspot name ! I got rid of "vk-yume" because that was when I was into jrock and vk stood for "visual kei". Now I'm no longer into that and trying to find something that suits me now! FOr now, I've chosen "pearls-and-bows" but I'll probably change it soon. I wanted to use part of my name in the URL but it wouldn't let me T^T


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Extras

I finally received my phone plug that I ordered from ebay! It's a cute little flower and I'm expecting another one to arrive soon.
It was poorly packaged when i received it =_= Like so:

It doesn't quite sit perfectly on my phone due to my case but it's good enough =)

Annnnd also! I finally received two pairs of new circle lense: GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown & GEO Cafe Latte!
Can't wait to try them~I have high hopes especially the Chocolate Brown ^^,


Ps. I know I'm posting a lot in one day but this is what happens when you're Net is capped!!! D=

Belated Valentine's Day Post!

Don't you just hate it when you're capped when you want to blog? Or in my case, to watch One Piece? LOL I've become an addict to One Piece ever since my bf introduced it to me ~ I use to scorn him for watching it and reading the anime but hey hey, tt's actually pretty getting exciting now though ! They're FINALLY reached the Grand Line! =D -coughs- ok onto post~~

This year I was really happy to spend my first Valentine's Day with someone because I've always been envious of other couples who did all the usual cutesy-couple-y stuff,like receiving flowers and chocolate and being pampered with love from one another T^T But this year was different =3 It was a lovely dinner at a pasta restaurant in the city and I enjoyed it very much.

Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to take a full length photo but I see myself wearing the same outfit in future so stay tuned! =D

My look for the night~

Miss Shop platform heels ♥ ♥ ♥ These are amazing heels! They are death and love ! Extremely comfortable to walk in, didn't need to put in insoles or wear bandages but they are also very scary to walk in because they so high (well higher than usual for me >< )and the way it's designed at the front. Notice how it's not completely flat but goes up slightly? I almost fell down twice because of it!

Unexpectedly received a rose and a box of chocolate from the bf!
I say unexpected because I really wasn't expecting him to go out and buy them lol

Sadly the rose is already dying =(

Self-explantory lol

And another self-vain photo. My eyes look really creepy here T__T I'm wearing GEO Olive Wings in Brown

Hope other people had a lovely Valentine's day =)


[Review] GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

((Why is this name so long?? D= ))

Pretty sure everyone already knows the famous Tsubasa Masuwaka designed these lenses so I'm not going to bother with the whole who she is blah blah blah ~~~ Because by NOW everyone (and I mean people who wear circle lenses) should know == Ok, onto review!

GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Manufacturer/Origin: South Korea
Purchased from: Paffu Shop on Fb

These lenses are truly amazing!!! I've only owned one pair of gray lenses being the Angel Edge series and I thought they were alright but this one...this one just PAWNs that one!!! The color is an intense shimmery gray and when worn they can be seen from a distance~

At first, I thought it put a strain on my eyes to be wearing 15mm lenses because up until now I've always worn 14mm. I know, only 1mm difference, shouldn't matter right? But the sizing of the lenses can affect the comfort! These Princess Mimi lenses are very comfortable! They don't irritate my eyes but the very first time I wore them, my eyes did keep watering slightly but after a few wears, it's ok now! Around the 5-6 hr mark they do get slightly dry ! A sign to take them out!

Definitely huge enlargement!

I am LOVING these lenses so much but must be worn with makeup! These are NOT a natural set of lenses.
I'd most likely re-purchase these again because they're so amazing and I'd been looking for a gray lenses that stands out like this. They pop out with such intensity <3 No one has said to me "Oh your eyes are so creepy!" yet but I'm pretty sure it creeps some people out xD I have already posted photos of myself with the Sesame Gray lenses so some photos are a repost ~

As pictured in the stock image, the enlargement is quite visible!

This final photo was taken with flash on~

Until next time~!

Friday, February 10, 2012

First Outfit Post *sweats bullets* + My First Mac =)

I love to dress up all glam every now and then and normally I'd photowhore like no tomorrow (pretty sure most self-vain girls do lol) but a lot of times I wish I could take more outfit posts. And this is the first one I've done since owning a DSLR and I must say, tripod is especially useful as times like these!!!

It doesn't look as "pro" as some of lookbook models but hey everyone starts somewhere >< Dress is from DFO. The store didn't have name just huge signs saying Clearance inside. I adore these kind of dresses lately! Especially the bottom part...I love the way it flies behind as I walk :3 My only problem would be the band around the stomach. It's super tight!! Getting into the dress is no problems but getting out is a whole different story! I feel like I need to lose more weight =( Belt: Valley Girl

This lovely "Moon and Sun" bracelet (as it called according to the tag) was from Lovisa.

These shoes are.a.pain. =_= Given to me by someone for my birthday last year. They are from the brand London Rebel. May I say, worst brand ever!!! I have personally purchased shoes from there and it is just not worth it!!
They are cheap (only reason why I bought them), has no support whatsoever inside and gives me problems whenever I wear them ie. blisters and/or almost falling over because the outer sole is easily worn out.
So why do I still have them? I have no more heels left >_< So at the moment, I am just waiting for the autumn/winter shoes to come so I can buy a similar pair then throw these out!!!

My face yo!!!

To finish off these post, I just wanted to let everyone know I am now a proud and happy owner of a Macbook Pro =) it's so beautiful <3 Took almost of my savings but it will be worth it when it comes to actually using in uni. At the moment I'm using it to watch movies LOL


Thursday, February 9, 2012


*squeals* I got SO excited when I read this on their facebook status update! Wong Fu is coming to Brisbane!!! I couldn't believe it!
Usually it's just Sydney that gets everything (i.e Kpop Concert but that's understandable since it was just ONE day) but for Wong Fu to come my hometown is a dream! It was the last thing I ever expected!

I REALLY truly want to see these guys. These guys are my inspiration when it comes to film making. Their work is amazing and original and so professional.

But I have yet to find anyone that wants to come with me. I'm wanting to do the Meet & Greet but I have a feeling some friends won't come because it's too "expensive" >< Is $75 really unreasonable for Meet & Greet incl. admission ? =( Even if no one wants to come with me, I'm thinking of going by myself! It'll be lonely but worth it! Here's some videos from Wong Fu Productions.
Strangers was the first one I ever watched and it really stuck by me...the storyline and how it is so relate able.

Picture Day is a funny short film =) Wesley is soooo funny with his obsession with Cathy xD

And my favourite one Lee Hom Wang's "Still in Love With You" MV
So amazing they got to work with a huge superstar! I'm envious but happy as well. The Mv was beautiful ~

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's February!!!

I have the strangest habit (if you can call it that) to be posting at the strangest hour @_@

This just a rambling post about my life so far ~ GET EXCITED YO ~!!! =D

Nothing really major happened since last post so I'll just highlight the main events.

1. Celebrated my brother's birthday with this puppy cake purchased from Bread Top. They had three types available: Tiramisu, chocolate or mixed fruit. Since it was going to be a family thing, I knew my mother wouldn't eat chocolate and I wasn't sure how my brother would react to tiramisu so mixed fruit was the safest option. It actually tasted pretty good!

2. Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon
Extremely belated but didn't really celebrate it. Just had an expensive dinner with family. Went to China Town to see the festives with friends. Went clubbing as the club was celebrating the CNY.

3. QUT Connect Training
This year I'm one of the QUT Connectors that will be helping commencing students to get to know one another and let them know about uni life in Orientation Week. At first I was real hesitant because the word 'volunteer' makes me kind of go ... >__> But when I went to first day of training it was super fun meeting other people from other faculties and learning (or rather playing) games as a way to break the ice between new people. I didn't think I would get it because in the interview they were critiquing us on our speaking skills and I stuttered a lot T__T So I was real surprised that I got it.

I can't wait to pass down knowledge that I wished I had learnt about when I was a first year uni student and meet (potential) new students in my major!!
Took a photo with this lovely girl I met in the interview and hung out with throughout the training period. She is so much fun to talk to ! <3
Photo came straight from my phone through the blogger app so that's why it's small!

My goal now is to be more motivated and inspired to go to the gym more often and work on my photography skills!