Saturday, March 29, 2014


To anyone that works in retail or hospitality or ANY kind of job that deals with customer service, you can understand how rude some customers can be! So rude and can be very unreasonable!

I work as a waitress at a restaurant (not the most glamorous job I know but better than NOT working) and every time I work I am always interacting with customers. Some people are more polite than others, some people are more ruder. It varies but the point of this is that I am constantly having to deal with difficult people. Some people have certain dietary requirements, which can be difficult to work around, or some people want special requests i.e. chop and change the entire menu =___=

Anyway, at my restaurant, customers are allowed to bring in outside drinks, including alcohol beverages and soft drinks from other stores. At our restaurant, we also sell a variety of drinks that are the SAME as the ones that customers bring in from outside. How the restaurant works is that we tally up all the plates at END OF YOUR MEAL, not progressively as you're eating. Once the customer has finished eating, a waiter will come over, count up everything and give you a bill to then go to the register to pay for.

What happened in this story is that I was already at the register serving another a customer when this particular customer comes over with no bill in his hand. So after I finished the first customer, I started to step out to go over to the table to count but I saw another co-worker already there, tallying everything up. So I went back into the register to wait for my co-worker to finish counting the plates and to give the bill to the customer. When the customer comes over to the register, he keeps looking at the bill and checking back at his table as if to check what was on the bill correct or not. I asked him if everything is ok but he doesn't respond and hands me the bill.

After I type everything into the computer it is displayed onto the screen for the customers. The young lady next to him asks,"What is the $3.80 on the screen?" I told it her was the price of a drink. They both shook their heads and said no drinks. I thought I accidentally mistyped it in sometimes so I quickly take the original bill and check. Yes, there is a note on there stating they had a drink. Confused, I asked my co-worker who wrote the bill about the drink and he said there was a Ginger Beer on the table. I think this is when things started going crazy. The young lady said no that was from another shop. After she said that I deleted that item off the computer but still they were not happy. I can't remember exactly what I said but I said our store also sells Ginger Beer, that's fine if you brought it from another shop but just let us know next time. The lady said there won't be a next time but the guy just went off at me. He said things, like,"You can see clearly, with your own two eyes, when we came in we brought it with us. How can you accuse us of stealing from your store." I explained we also sell Ginger Beer here too but he wouldn't have any of it. He spoke very quickly and angrily (most I could not understand) but I clearly heard him say "so fxxk off" to me at one point.

I was shocked.

Even the young lady next to him was shocked. She asked me if they can just quickly pay and go.

He keeps going off at me saying I was rude and he was being very polite to me. I wanted to smash his face and ask him, where does saying to someone to fxxk off consider polite. I refrained myself so much that time, partly because I was scared. My heart was beating so fast during that time.

Just as he left I said,"There's no need for foul language either" which was probably a mistake on my side because he suddenly came back and said,"Excuse me?!" like 10 times and death stared me =_= He started speaking to me really fast again (which I still didn't understand) and eventually just ended it with,"Just do your job" and left.

I'm just pissed off and angry when, honestly, it was just a mistake. In no way do I blame my co-worker who wrote the check and I don't see how this is my fault. I'm off to have a drink because I can.

Cheers to all the people that work in customer service!!!!