Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dark and Darker

Two days ago I got my hair cut and dyed. I didn't want to post up the photos I took that day because I didn't like the photos lol so here's some I took today =)

I'm still trying to use to the dark hair. I asked for a dark brown and it came out more like black =\ I'm hoping the color will fade a bit. I haven't had dark hair for over 3 years!!! It's always been some light brown/blonde color, a color my mum really hated xD

I'm enjoying the positive feedback I've been getting from work and friends. Some people at work were, like, wondering,"Is this a new chick?" Then looked at my face carefully and were like "Oh! It's you!" One of my close friends even admitted she walked right past me, forgetting that I had dyed my hair.

My mum's reaction was super delayed though =___= I came home the day I got my hair done and she kind of...raised her eyebrows at me about the length of my hair (she likes short hair....SUPER short hair and my hair is medium long at the moment) but no comment on the color. The morning AFTER she's goes,"OMG! YOU DYED YOUR HAIR! It's a lovely color!" Geez Mum >__>

We'll see how long this dark phase goes for until I revert back to my brown/blonde-ness ~

Friday, December 30, 2011

[[Quick updates]] Shopping!

Really slack with blog posts lately due to working and lack of exciting things happening. But this week was great!

Started the week off with Boxing Day shopping with bf at DFO. I was really "urrrgh" when he told me he'd pick me up at 9am to go the shopping center, which turned out to be a good thing because yeah he was right! It was hard to get a car park that early! There was a lot of items on sale but I just didn't buy as much as I did last year...I just didn't find the need to buy new clothes, shoes or jewellery even if they were on sale =\ I'm so close yet so far from buying the two things that I actually want!!! (Rages!!)

But despite that, I did also buy two singlets from Jay Jay's just to wear to sleep lol and two cute mugs from DFO! One just has a heart pattern all over and the other has 3 cupcakes decorated around it =) My bf was all like,"Are you serious? Why are you buying two?! You just need one! You can just wash it and reuse it! Why buy two?!" ahahaha xD He's a believer in not wasting things or buying unnecessary things ~ *coughsforexamplemymugscoughs*

But the most expensive purchase of that day was Clinique's All About Eyes Rich eye cream. The area around my eyes have been extremely dry and it's a pain whenever I apply concealer on because the makeup just sticks onto the dry areas ><

According to the Clinique website it states:

"Moisture-rich formula diminishes the look of undereye circles, shadows, puffs and fine lines-immediately and over time. Helps protect natural collagen production. De-puffs with soothing botanicals. Even strengthens skin's moisture barrier against common irritants."

And I gotta say this eye cream is pretty amazing. It is very moisturizing! But I have yet to see anything happen to my eye bags T_T That's the only part I'm doubtful on but we will see how it goes.

Annnnnnnnnnnd finally I went to Collette today before work and bought a packet of rings for half price ! Hooray for sales! LOL I actually was looking for a silver pair of dangly earrings but couldn't find any that I liked then these caught my eyes *___* Actually it was the bow that caught my eye haha

I like 3/5 of them ~ the other two are too plain and boring >< I like simple rings like the pearl and bow.

I'm going to go shopping again tomorrow because I've got my eye on this particular dress but I want to try it on before I buy!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hair color change

I dyed my hair at the end of October with Palty Bitter Cappucino and it faded quickly away to the blonde/brown. I really like this color except for the fact that there are still black roots at the back of my head lol ><

Online shopping Arrives~!!!! Or rather..arrived....>_>

Another late post where I post about things that happen a week AFTER it occurs harhar...

I went online shopping a few weeks ago and it seemed liked FOREVER for the items to arrive to my house, but really it was just like 4-5 weeks LOL

The first shopping parcel came through was from pinkyparadise!!!
My order only contained the Candy Doll concealer in 01 and cheek color in Strawberry Pink.

The concealer was securely wrapped in this pink foam thing but the blush was just as it is O_o

I also got a Velcro fringe thingy as a freebie from Pinkyparadise. I've wondered how they work and how they can really hold your hair back up but amazingly it does!!! xD

I gotta say this Candy Doll blush is amazing!!! I read a lot of reviews before purchasing it and thought the reviewers were exaggerating when they said the color was intense! Just one swipe and so pigmented! I used a medium-sized powder brush to brush it on and it works well for me =)

The second parcel was from pretty&cute
This was the one that was I was most keen on and again took a while to arrive. I ordered on 31st of October and arrived 2nd of December.
It arrived in a small box and delivered straight to my door by a courier but he left it on the wrong side of the house >< Thankfully I was home to pick it up. When I first opened it I couldn't seen anything except that white stuff. The items were at the bottom.

So I ordered the Dr. Jart's Blue Label Dew Drop BB Cream and Lioele Waterdop Sleeping Pack. Based on a video review by S2Janie in one of her videos, she mentioned that the Lioele sleeping pack is good for help tightening the skin and pores (or something like that) and to help the skin more youthful ~~

One thing that took me by surprise was that both bottles were sealed. I can't remember the last time I purchased something that had a seal on it like this >< So that made me feel secure knowing I got what I paid for!

I read reviews (again!) that the Dr. Jart's BB cream is good for combo-oily skin but then that what's I also read about the BB cream I'm currently using lol -the Skin79 pink one. I still find that I get oily on my t-zone even with powder on top. I did like that the Skin79 made my complexion whiter but it also had a downside.I wore it to work and had a customer say I look a bit sickly =____= which is why I went and bought blush! I want to use my Skin79 BB cream first before I start using the new one.

And finally from eBay! Telephone wire hair ties! Ever since my friend told me these type of hair ties won't leave kinks in your hair I've been really interested in them! Just looking at the design I thought it would but I suppose because it's made out of plastic that it doesn't...? It's been great tying my hair up and then just pulling it out without having to worry about that ugly kink. I bought a pack of 10 for $1.30 from a HK seller. Again took over a month ><

I'm really finally glad to have received ALL my items but I don't think I'll be ordering from pinkyparadise or pretty&cute anytime soon! I did, however, just make a purchase two nights ago on ebay for a Christmas present for someone lol ~~ fingers crossed it comes before christmas >< even a few days after christmas I wouldn't mind!