Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[REVIEW] 59 Seconds Floral Dress

Ok so waaaaay back in September I did a Yesstyle order and they came the following week but I never actually reviewed the items lol
I'm still way too lazy to review ALL the items (despite the fact I'm on uni holidays now) so here's one for now.

Being the fourth day of holidays I decided to catch up with an old high school friend. We just had a simple lunch together then headed off the museum, which practically had nothing and no one in it because they were renovating for the next show. I took this opportunity to wear one of the dresses I've been dying to wear but just didn't have time, the right occasion, or the right weather.

Brand Name: 59 Seconds
Floral Print Chiffon Dress


True to stock image! The material is chiffon and there is a satin layer underneath so the dress feels very smooth to the skin when worn =)

I originally disliked this one because I thought I looked like something out of Peter Pan with that collar/flappy thingy >__> But after wearing it today, I changed my mind. I love this dress!!! You can see on the website image the dress is very short and on me, it is no exception. It just covers my bum lol I was going to wear heels (like the stock image) but I though that would make my dress ride up even more >< That's probably my own complaint. If I was shorter it would probably be the perfect length. But I don't mind the length too much since it's so hot here now ~~ There is a green version also available.

And just a few more self-vain photos xD

My mom said I looked like a 15 year child while my friend said my dress reminded me of her grandmother's quilt and the wallpaper LOL