Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dyed my hair again ~!

For the third time in my life lol
The last time I dyed my hair was in late January so about 4 months ago. The roots were showing up terribly and even my friends said I needed to redye.

Again I used Palty, this time in 'Treatment Bleach - Natural Brown'. I used 'Vanilla Beige' last time.

I've realised look on the top of the box to find out the name of the color.

Look on the back for color results.

It was either Palty or Prettia but when I saw what colors the store had for Prettia I didn't buy it. Too many dark ones. I quite like the concept of shampoo dye from Prettia but the colors were just blah =_= I wanted to go lighter!!

So I went into one of the asian stores in Elizabeth Arcade (same store that I bought my last Palty!) and looked at the back of the hairdyes, not at the front. I realise it's useless looking at the front of the box (at the model) because the results will vary, especially if someone wanted to go light color and they've got dark hair, it'll show up differently.

I dyed my hair myself. Left it in for about 45 mins (I think). Wrapped it in cling wrap. And waited.

This was my hair BEFORE DYEING:

Yes, it is disgusting =__=


-Last photo taken with Flash on-

So much better! No more black roots! Or I thought so...=__=
When I checked the back of the head I realised I missed a few spots but that's alright! It was not a bad job for someone who was dyeing their hair by themselves for the first time.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my results =]

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