Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day~~~!!

Sometimes I wonder why there has to be a certain day to treat our mothers well. This is just an excuse. Mothers should be treated well all year round =__=

But on that topic I got my mother 2 boxes of facial whitening masks =]
She squealed so loudly it hurt my ears and I'm certain the neighbours heard her too. My brother got her a small box of Ferrero Rocher, which is good enough since he only just started his 'job'. I kinda ate, like, 4 pieces already LOL

So here it is~! My gift for my mother ~

The SA told me the orange me is the newest one from that brand and that is whitens and moisturizes. The blue box just simply whitens, which was what my mother was using previously~

And yes it was a bit more expensive than I realised but hey it was an imported product from Japan so yeah =_= Thankfully there was a 15% sale at the store so it wasn't too bad

And! And! And I also found out the bow from my dress came off =[

Look at it! =__= so sad~

I got into my mother's car and found it sitting on the dashboard. I stared at it, thinking, "That looks familiar..."
Then I go,"Hey...isn't that...?"
Mum: "Yea it came off when i was washing the clothes."
Me: =__=
Mum: "I'm going to use as to clean my sunglasses."

I was just thinking, wtf and I told her to give it back so I can sew it back on my dress. It looks so plain without it ! =[

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