Friday, June 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 !!!

I went to watch Toy Story 3 with friends. It was quite an enjoyable movie with a happy ending. The 3D wasn't really that popping though but oh well.

We also had lunch at JoJo's. First time going there. The food was pricey but definitely fantastic! The service we got was great too~They were helpful and friendly.

Entree: Turkish bread with vinegar dip

Does this pic really need explaining?
lol a prawn pizza

Chicken Noodle soup

BBQ Thai Chicken =3

That chicken was seasoned so good. But the salad it came with was sour...not sure if that was meant to be but hmmz..and the noodles were cold ~

After eating we went to watch the movie since it started at 2pm.

Then we split up our own ways. I did a lil bit of shopping. AGAIN.
I bought a new scarf that has an animal print on it ^^,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBQ w/ a friend's family~!

Having the day off work gave me the opportunity to go and have a BBQ with my friend and her family as a celebration for her achieving her certificate III in hairdressing =3

I didn't think it would be packed on a Sunday but hey I was wrong~
Sunday turns out to be family day !

A BBQ is a BBQ. Nothing to say there.
Except I was told to slice the two big chunks of watermelon =__=
That was a mighty task in itself. Thankfully I had help with both of them.

Yeah so after the BBQ me, my friend and her bf went to the musuem. BOTH OF THEM.

At the GOMA Musuem they had the Ron Mueck exhibition. Unfortunately we didn't go in as it turns out you had to buy tickets to enter the exhibit. So we just looked around~

This cute little bunny was at the entrance~

The first time I saw that bunny on someone's facebook I just thought it looked familiar. Then I realised it reminded of this photo...

That photo is pretty old but still!

dead bunny xD

So that's that.

My project assessments~

Now have been uploaded on my vimeo account.
Both projects used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

First project~
Mirror, Mirror

No tutorial was based on for this project.
I've been concentrating on this project for ages! Like, over a month, editing the sequence and working on the after effect scenes.
Kept having to redo storyboards, did animatics and doing test runs.
I had so much help with this from my teachers, in particular a teacher who actually graduated from Film School so he knew what he was doing =D

- comping the 'evil' girl in the mirror to make it as the reflection
- glow jumping up and down on the mirror
- glow around the hand coming out of the mirror and making it pulsate
- ripple on the mirror as the hand/arm was coming out
- lens flare and some other light preset was used to create that big flash of light

Second project~
Soft Drink, Anyone?

Second project was based on a tutorial on, in particular this one: 88. Disintegration

The editing (Premiere Pro) for this video was really easy but the After Effects was a different story. I remember doing that damn tutorial 3 times until I got it right. Actually, even now, I'm not fully satisfied with it but I'm content with what I've done. I know the smoke at the end could definitely be fixed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Day of Tafe

Me and my friends.

Yesterday night was Presentation Night for family and friends to come our classrooms to view our work for this semester.

I sent an email to a few of my friends but only two of them made it. Better than zero friends! Yep so it started at 6pm and it ran until 8pm (I think?) but my classmates and I left around 7.30pm to get dinner.

I was excited to show my videos to my friends, in particular the first one called 'Mirror, Mirror' because the one who starred in it came along! I can't remember their reactions to my videos but they didn't say anything negative, so that's a good sign!

So my two friends left before I did. My classmates and I went to the city after we were done. I had to resubmit some things for my assessment first before going, of course. Easily done.

So the four of us (Me, two classmates and a classmates' friend) went to some korean restaurant that I still have no idea what it's called. We go there frequently too =_=

My two classmates were super hungry and ordered a large seafood pancake thingy. I had something like Bi Bim Bap and it had raw beef in it. Thankfully I didn't feel sick from eating it but I'm not ordering it again. Once my friends had eaten the pancake thingy they went and ordered a chicken salad !

After that large dinner we headed to Beach House for some drinks and to watch the State of Origin. It wasn't actually that interesting, seeing as the score was, like, 30 - nil when we walked in. QLD in the lead so it was no surprise who was winning this round =_=

Now I am on holidays~! =D

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I found out today I only have to resubmit two pieces of paper for my assessment, which are very short ! As well as my DVD cover and DVD. So easy ~!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My course is almost over =[

My 18 month course is almost coming to an end =[

For the past two weeks I have been stressing out over this presentation and trying to get all the paperwork done before Tuesday, which was yesterday. I didn't even export my final videos until this morning during class ! That there just proves how badly I manage my time.

I was so nervous during the presentation. There was my class (which was fine) and there was also the new students for our course who are in their first semester. It's been a long time since I've done a presentation. My hands kept shaking while I was reading my half-assed written speech. I realised after I finish, I could've done so much more better than what I did. My speech was so short, I didn't even explain clearly my problems and other things that were required to be said.

My teacher told me I did a good job afterwards so I did feel a lil bit better.

After the presentation we headed over to the inn nearby for a few drinks =]
It felt good to just relax and unwind after it. Everyone was in good spirits

Drinks for the night~there were more of course....

Now I'm just down to possibly re-submitting my paperwork and handing in a dvd =]