Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sushi Lunch Date!

Finally on mid-semester break! And the first thing I did was go on a lunch date with a lovely friend =3

We headed out to a sushi restaurant on the south side of Brisbane.
We were the first people to enter the place lol

We ordered 4 dishes which was enough for two people! We ended up doing take away for the left overs xD

Entree: Takoyaki balls! My favourite =3

Main: Green Dragon Sushi
The sushi is wrapped in another layer - cucumber.
I was a bit hesitant about eating this one but it was yummy XD

Main: Himawari sushi aka Sunflower sushi

Main: Teriyaki chicken sushi
My friend lol'd at me when I said I wanted this but hey it was still good!

It was amazing sushi XD <3 Definitely going there again one day!