Friday, March 4, 2011

Yesstyle Haul~!

So my yesstyle order finally came in today! It was pretty fast shipping too. They sent it out on Monday 28th Feb and I got it today (Thursday 3rd March). Well...I guess that's expected of express shipping =)

I post my photos and review here on blogger because the layout of tumblr isn't that great when it comes to posting photos.

So I ordered 4 dresses, 1 box of facial masks and 1 Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I had also ordered 3 other items (a tote bag, a lace belt and a beauty product) but I couldn't get them due to it being out of stock so I recommend buying items that are already in stock on the website so you can get your items quickly!

(Just a quick reference I am about 164cm tall and weigh 48kg)

First item was a Heart Patterned Hooded Knit Dress from 59 Seconds in black.

This is made from wool and is very warm when worn. Since it's summer at the moment, I've got ages until I get to wear this. It is a lil bit tad tight but hopefully after a few washes, it will stretch. As for it being a 'dress', not sure I would wear it as it is. I'd most likely wear skinny jeans or leggings underneath. The sweater dress gives no shape so it looks really awkward when worn on its own.

Brand name: ageha@shibuya
Keyhole Back Checkered Dress

True to the stock image! The 'keyhole' at the back of the dress is just as it is pictured...there was a part of me hoping it would be a mistake and when they send it, it's slightly modified that the hole was smaller but noooo....there's a giant gaping gap at the back of this cute dress ==" I personally don't like it but good thing i have long hair! The 'skirt' part of the dress is very warm so I believe this is more of an autumn/winter dress.

I had trouble getting into the dress at first because where the checkered part meets the black skirt, it is not a stretchy band. So I struggled for a good 5mins trying to figure out how to get of the dress without ripping it. I eventually figured out there was a zip on the left side of the dress and that made it easier to get in and out of the dress =_=

Brand name: Tokyo Fashion
Short-Sleeve "Bow" Panel Dress in Dark Blue

A little bit of loose threads when I received it but nonetheless true to stock image! However, that bow that is attached is actually pinned on, not stuck on.

You can also pull it apart and redo the bow if necessary.

Brand name: 59 Seconds
Lace-Up Sheer Back Dress

My second favorite item! Obviously this dress is more for nightclubs than day time wear. It's tight and figure-hugging and exact same to image. The lace back seems very delicate so need to handwash rather than throwing it into the washing machine. BUT the one thing I was disappointed about was the extra bit of lace they sent (pictured below). It's suppose to 'tie up' the back of the dress but it's flimsy and seems like it will easily break. So I need to buy ribbon from the craft store or something.

The beauty stuff came wrapped like this.

My Beauty Diary - Strawberry Yoghurt Masks
Says it's suitable for normal-combo skin so why not?

Shu Umeura eyelash curler. I already have one but I wanted to replace the rubber pad on it ><

Overall, Yesstyle's quality of clothes is far better than AFW or other online fashion stores I have tried. I liked how with some of the modelled photos, they mentioned how tall and how much the model weighed (ie. the sheer lace back dress) so that gave me an idea on how it would look on me because of the similar height & weight. I'd definitely be buying from them again.

Strangely enough, I did not get charged shipping for this order. It says on the website, if you order more than $150AUD then it's FREE shipping. If it's less, then it's $9.99 for shipping. However my order came to a total of $131.40AUD and that's all I got charged for .... COOL ^^,

And the best part of this haul? Popping the bubble wrap afterwards xD