Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Filming Day!

I was finally able to begin shooting for my first project.

My concept is, something along the lines of, Seeing another version of yourself.

Walking from the campus to the bus stop was damn difficult with a tripod strapped to my back and carrying a mighty heavy camera case. I kept going wonky as I walking. Must've looked stupid since I'm short and the tripod case kept sliding off of me T_T

Thankfully I had my friend to help me carry the it back to the house we were filming at. We got there at around 2pm and ran some test shots before officially starting at around 3.30pm, which was probably a not so great idea because that was when the light started getting darker~

Yes so we've managed to film majority of one half of the project.
We were going to film the second part but it got way too dark so will film after the Easter break.

My friend is acting in it for me ~~

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cold season is coming

Like any seasons, there are always going to be things that I hate and love about it.
It's currently Autumn, still sunny but not that hot. Winter is coming soon.

I hate that it gets colder.
I hate that it gets harder to wake up in the mornings.
I hate that I gain weight during the winter period. Always.
I hate that by the time Spring comes around I'm 10kgs heavier than I was.

I really want to tone and slim my body.

Right now it's soft, not toned, round and flabby =___= blaaaaah

There's my rant for the night.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2AM - I Did Wrong MVs

I'm loving their MVs but I much prefer to watch Part 1 than Part 2.
For me, it's more interesting & there's more singing in it.
Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1 (obviously) but there's less singing and more scenes of the boys and the girl together with instrumental music in the background. It's a sad drama >o<

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catching up

Sooo good day yesterday. Hung out with two friends that I haven't hung out for a long time >o< For some reason, we went to play games at Sunnybank LOL as well as lunch. Then we drove up to Mt. Cootha. So random but whateverrrr.

We stayed up there until 5.30pm-ish.

The sun was setting around that time and it was really nice but unfortunately I had to go to class >o<

(View from Mt.Cootha)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Having no money sucks

I spent pretty much all my money last week on things I DIDN'T want ie. education T_T so I'm now down to less than $100 in my account. Sooo sad =<

What's even sadder is that I see all these clothes, shoes & accessories that I want to buy but I can't ~

Just today I was browsing zipia and came across one of their new dresses:

Gaaaahh~~~So lovely >o< Although I wouldn't have worn it with pink sneakers like that.
Lately I'm really wanting to buy lacy white dresses. I saw this one in particular at TEMT but it was too dressy (I thought) and I wouldn't have any occasion to wear it. Yeah I could wear it to class but majority of the time I cbf dressing up when everyone else is wearing their casual clothes too.

Time to save save save ~!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

2AM - I Did Wrong Perf


I'll be honest and say I'm more of a 2pm fan =D
But this is fantastic! I've watched a few past performances of theirs but most of the time they just stood there, singing. This perf has choreography in it & it is AWESOME! <3 I think it suits very well to the song.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Just spent $98 on buying myself a new hard drive because my old one is crapping itself T_T Screw you, technology.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just another day

After class I did a little bit of shopping. I walked around with a friend looking at shoes - mostly casual shoes since I wanted something comfortable to wear for upcoming winter/autumn. I still have intentions of buying boots, of course, but for now just casual.

Initially I wanted to get white Converse sneakers but changed my mind. They look abnormally long, even when they're not worn...

So then I went to another store. Found some shoes were on sale & bought these:

I quite like the simple design on it =] And the zipper thing is interesting, even if it only on one side ~


BOY: (pinching his gf's waist)
GIRL: Ow...
BOY: Your love handles...Can I drag you by your handles?

Weird & funny~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random compliment of the day

"You're not just a pretty face"
followed by laughter from me & the lady who said it~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally went out !!!!

Yes so I finally went out on a Friday night after weeks & weeks of staying at home (Actually it was just 4 weeks but that's just as long).

So after a long day at class (and realising how much shiet I needed to do by next week!)I went off to the city to meet up with my long time high school friend! We met up in front of DJs. I was soooo surprised when I saw what she was wearing!! She looked like a million bucks! =O It was, like, this black silky blouse with a black high waisted skirt (i found out later during that night it was actually a one piece lol)

Anyways the first thing we did was go and take Purikura ~
Then for dinner we ate at cafe called Bubbles. Actually we wanted Thai food but we cbf going to China Town so we just went there lol

So i had stirfry while my friend had thai curry, that was hot! Like as in burning hot! I took one spoonful & my tongue was burning =_= I don't get how people can enjoy eating spicy & chilly food >o< We also both a drink each.

To get to the good part we had DESSERT!!! ICE-CREAM!!!
I honestly was expecting something crappy, like, 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream in a small bowl but NOOO!!! The waitress brought them out in this medium bowl shaped kinda like a flower, with 4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream & caramel topping with frozen raspberries, malt berries & blueberries ! OH and a strawberry wafer =]

My photography skills are lacking but it was soooo yummy despite the fact the photo does no justice. I am totally going back there for moarrr!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fairy Godmother will vomit xD

So I came across this rather funny video on YT.
It's Cinderella but someone voice dubbed in Cantonese. Very funny.

Rough translation:
When Cinderella got transformed into the white dress, she kept saying 'ho leng', which means 'so beautiful/pretty' and the fairy godmother was, like, 'Stop saying that. Keep saying that & I'm going to vomit." And for, like, 30secs, the 2 characters were talking about her vomiting haha

The Prince scene:
It's 12 o'clock. Cinderella must leaves. The Prince is saying she has to pay because he spent all night with her. The guard chases after her, saying, 'Stop her ! She didn't pay!"


Wednesday, March 10, 2010