Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Filming Day!

I was finally able to begin shooting for my first project.

My concept is, something along the lines of, Seeing another version of yourself.

Walking from the campus to the bus stop was damn difficult with a tripod strapped to my back and carrying a mighty heavy camera case. I kept going wonky as I walking. Must've looked stupid since I'm short and the tripod case kept sliding off of me T_T

Thankfully I had my friend to help me carry the it back to the house we were filming at. We got there at around 2pm and ran some test shots before officially starting at around 3.30pm, which was probably a not so great idea because that was when the light started getting darker~

Yes so we've managed to film majority of one half of the project.
We were going to film the second part but it got way too dark so will film after the Easter break.

My friend is acting in it for me ~~

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  1. hi there! i just skipped to your blog!

    it's really cool! i want to try filming a movie someday!

    all the best for your film! ^^


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