Sunday, March 21, 2010

Having no money sucks

I spent pretty much all my money last week on things I DIDN'T want ie. education T_T so I'm now down to less than $100 in my account. Sooo sad =<

What's even sadder is that I see all these clothes, shoes & accessories that I want to buy but I can't ~

Just today I was browsing zipia and came across one of their new dresses:

Gaaaahh~~~So lovely >o< Although I wouldn't have worn it with pink sneakers like that.
Lately I'm really wanting to buy lacy white dresses. I saw this one in particular at TEMT but it was too dressy (I thought) and I wouldn't have any occasion to wear it. Yeah I could wear it to class but majority of the time I cbf dressing up when everyone else is wearing their casual clothes too.

Time to save save save ~!!!

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