Saturday, August 28, 2010


After much anticipation, I finally went to Memory with my friend & her friend.
There's so much hype about it so I was really looking forward to it.
We got there early to get stamped and free entry! =D YAY!
But when we got in there.............there was NO ONE ! EPIC. FAIL. LOL.
There was the bar staff, the security and the club staff. No one else. So we left to go to chill somewhere. We just walked around, killing time. We entered a second time around 10.30pm but it was still dead =__=

So...guess what we did again? YES WE WALKED AROUND.

We finally re-entered at midnight where the music was finally pumping and there were heaps more people!

Music was alright. Not quite my type of music but still not bad.
There is only one big dance floor with two tables that ppl dance on.

KK is heaps better. I can't wait for it!

My look for the night:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somebody To Luv by Big Bang

Second track from their 'Beautiful Hangover' single!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping is just part of my life and I'm not going to stop!

This week's purchases include a keychain from Forever New!
Isn't it cute? Simple too ~ I've hung on it on one of my handbags~

I've noticed more and more lately it seems to be a trend among girls. I see lots of girls with pretty bags and they've (sometimes) got something hanging from the zipper or the handle.

For example, I was walking to class and the girl ahead of me had this lovely black Chanel bag but attached was this damn ugly ratty teddy bear that looked like it had gone through rain and washed too many times. Probably had sentimental value but it just didn't match with the Chanel bag D=

And today I bought this olive-green skirt from Sportsgirl. I saw it before but this was on sale ! =] From $80 -> $30 ~ BAAAAARGAIN!

I don't usually buy clothes from this particular store because it's not quite my style. But this skirt was cute and I had the money so why not?

Yesterday I also cleaned out my room. I have a lot of bags ....
I still want more...


Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Goal!

I usually have several goals that I never actually really accomplish but this time I will for sure!

So tonight at dinner, my mum was talking about going to Hong Kong again next and I was quite keen on the idea. Just thinking about shopping in Hong Kong makes me happy ~

So yes I really want to go back. Hopefully this time NOT with the whole family ie. the many aunties I have =_= If only I had a companion, like a female friend, to go with *sigh*

Well so gotta save up money for the flight, accommodation, shopping and a new camera.
I really want to get my hands on one of those DSLR cameras. They're just so much better than this crappy lil one I've got.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping Once Again~'s been exactly a week and I've already bought myself a new shirt when I told myself that I'd stop buying things =\

If it has be called something it can be called 'impulse shopping'.

Last week I bought that LBD from Supre and now it's this white shirt from Chica Booti~

I'm not really a fan of shopping there due to the low-quality of the clothes but sometimes I just see this cute shirt that I know I can't find elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


kekekeke =3


So insanely happy when I got the Hello Kitty merchandise today XD
My classmate was working at the EKKA and he got it for me yay yay !

It came in this bright pink bag, which was highly amusing since my classmate is definitely not the type to carry around cute girly things. Another classmate was teasing him, saying,"Did you feel manly buying a Hello Kitty bag?" LOL

Hello Kitty alarm clock

Cosmetic bag
It sparkles sparkles!!! =D


Pajama Bag
It's so cute! I'm not going to use it for my pajamas though...

Hello Kitty Umbrella!!!!
It's cute AND creepy at the same time...I'm a HK fan but sometimes I really question the products with her face on it. Why does the damn Hello Kitty have to be so damn big???? I would've liked it if it was just plain black with a small picture of HK in the corner or have her famous bow on one of the panels.

Lastly, Hello Kitty slippers

There was also a black duffle bag which I failed to take a photo of because my camera died >o< but it can be seen in the first picture!

Yes my Hello Kitty stuff has increased by a fair bit now ~
I wonder if I collected all my HK big it'd be...

On another note, I've come across this amusing Hello Kitty hate blog, where the blogger absolutely loathes this cute kitty and posts about it haha
It's cool though because I come across more Hello kitty products =D


Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't Go Wrong With a LBD !

Yesterday I went shopping to buy a new outfit to wear for tonight (which I did not end up going anyways =_=).

I went to Supre and got this black mini dress got $25~
I thought it was suitable and can easily be dressed up with accessories ie.belt across the middle, necklace ~ to suit either casual or something a lil bit more fancy. And the back has a low cut, which is good for showing off some skin! =D keke~

I don't particularly like shopping at Supre. Firstly, I absolutely hate those stupid tiny bags they give when you purchase the clothes! Yes it's good to reuse certain things but they're just ridiculous. Especially when someone hands it to me as their grocery bag when I'm working. They hardly fit that much so why bother??? =__=

And the shop assistant (SA) was not that friendly at all! When I walked up to the counter to pay, the girl was doing something to the price tags...I guess marking them down? I don't know exactly but she kept her head down, kept doing that same task, ignoring me. In the past, when I go up to a counter to pay for something and the SA is doing something they will usually stop what they're doing, serve me and go back to what she was doing. But this girl just kept doing whatever her task was. She didn't even say,"I'll be with you shortly" or anything like that =_= She eventually lifted (and so damn slowly too) a whole heap of clothes she was marking into the box beside the counter, looked up at me and said,"sorry." When she finally served me there was no smile either.

What. A. Bitch.

I hate being the receiving end of bad customer service which is why I always try to go to work with a smile on my face and be friendly to people. No one likes rude people.

Stupid Moment of My Life

Waiting at bus stop with 2 classmates.

Me: Does the City Glider go to the city?
Classmate 1: *starts laughing*
Me: What are you laughing about?
Classmate 1: Does the City Glider go to the city? ahahaha
*After a few seconds*
Me: bad. That was a stupid question.

Lol that really was stupid xD

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AFW Review

My info:
Height/Weight: 170cm / 50kg

So, stock photo first!


Let's start with the good things:
- One of a kind. Can't find this sort of design here in the usual shops I go to.
- Cheap

Bad things:
- The material is thin.
- The white band towards the bottom is see through. I tried it on as soon as I received and realised it cannot be worn without something underneath because anyone would be able to see your underwear!
- Length is sightly an issue because of my height. For me, it just covers my butt >o< As I was going shopping today I had to keep pulling it down to make it covered my butt because I was worried it would ride up. If someone shorter than me, it'd be probably fit perfectly~
- Definitely loose threads when I first opened the package.
- Stitching not in line, as seen in photo.
- The buttons on the front are plastic and sewn on poorly. I'm certain once it goes through the wash, the buttons are going to come off.

Overall I rate it 7/10.
Despite the bad things I'm listing I quite like this piece. I would recommend wearing this during the the cooler weather.