Tuesday, August 10, 2010


kekekeke =3


So insanely happy when I got the Hello Kitty merchandise today XD
My classmate was working at the EKKA and he got it for me yay yay !

It came in this bright pink bag, which was highly amusing since my classmate is definitely not the type to carry around cute girly things. Another classmate was teasing him, saying,"Did you feel manly buying a Hello Kitty bag?" LOL

Hello Kitty alarm clock

Cosmetic bag
It sparkles sparkles!!! =D


Pajama Bag
It's so cute! I'm not going to use it for my pajamas though...

Hello Kitty Umbrella!!!!
It's cute AND creepy at the same time...I'm a HK fan but sometimes I really question the products with her face on it. Why does the damn Hello Kitty have to be so damn big???? I would've liked it if it was just plain black with a small picture of HK in the corner or have her famous bow on one of the panels.

Lastly, Hello Kitty slippers

There was also a black duffle bag which I failed to take a photo of because my camera died >o< but it can be seen in the first picture!

Yes my Hello Kitty stuff has increased by a fair bit now ~
I wonder if I collected all my HK stuff...how big it'd be...

On another note, I've come across this amusing Hello Kitty hate blog, where the blogger absolutely loathes this cute kitty and posts about it haha
It's cool though because I come across more Hello kitty products =D
Visit: http://www.kittyhell.com/


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