Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't Go Wrong With a LBD !

Yesterday I went shopping to buy a new outfit to wear for tonight (which I did not end up going anyways =_=).

I went to Supre and got this black mini dress got $25~
I thought it was suitable and can easily be dressed up with accessories ie.belt across the middle, necklace ~ to suit either casual or something a lil bit more fancy. And the back has a low cut, which is good for showing off some skin! =D keke~

I don't particularly like shopping at Supre. Firstly, I absolutely hate those stupid tiny bags they give when you purchase the clothes! Yes it's good to reuse certain things but they're just ridiculous. Especially when someone hands it to me as their grocery bag when I'm working. They hardly fit that much so why bother??? =__=

And the shop assistant (SA) was not that friendly at all! When I walked up to the counter to pay, the girl was doing something to the price tags...I guess marking them down? I don't know exactly but she kept her head down, kept doing that same task, ignoring me. In the past, when I go up to a counter to pay for something and the SA is doing something they will usually stop what they're doing, serve me and go back to what she was doing. But this girl just kept doing whatever her task was. She didn't even say,"I'll be with you shortly" or anything like that =_= She eventually lifted (and so damn slowly too) a whole heap of clothes she was marking into the box beside the counter, looked up at me and said,"sorry." When she finally served me there was no smile either.

What. A. Bitch.

I hate being the receiving end of bad customer service which is why I always try to go to work with a smile on my face and be friendly to people. No one likes rude people.

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