Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping is just part of my life and I'm not going to stop!

This week's purchases include a keychain from Forever New!
Isn't it cute? Simple too ~ I've hung on it on one of my handbags~

I've noticed more and more lately it seems to be a trend among girls. I see lots of girls with pretty bags and they've (sometimes) got something hanging from the zipper or the handle.

For example, I was walking to class and the girl ahead of me had this lovely black Chanel bag but attached was this damn ugly ratty teddy bear that looked like it had gone through rain and washed too many times. Probably had sentimental value but it just didn't match with the Chanel bag D=

And today I bought this olive-green skirt from Sportsgirl. I saw it before but this was on sale ! =] From $80 -> $30 ~ BAAAAARGAIN!

I don't usually buy clothes from this particular store because it's not quite my style. But this skirt was cute and I had the money so why not?

Yesterday I also cleaned out my room. I have a lot of bags ....
I still want more...


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