Saturday, August 28, 2010


After much anticipation, I finally went to Memory with my friend & her friend.
There's so much hype about it so I was really looking forward to it.
We got there early to get stamped and free entry! =D YAY!
But when we got in there.............there was NO ONE ! EPIC. FAIL. LOL.
There was the bar staff, the security and the club staff. No one else. So we left to go to chill somewhere. We just walked around, killing time. We entered a second time around 10.30pm but it was still dead =__=

So...guess what we did again? YES WE WALKED AROUND.

We finally re-entered at midnight where the music was finally pumping and there were heaps more people!

Music was alright. Not quite my type of music but still not bad.
There is only one big dance floor with two tables that ppl dance on.

KK is heaps better. I can't wait for it!

My look for the night:

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