Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My course is almost over =[

My 18 month course is almost coming to an end =[

For the past two weeks I have been stressing out over this presentation and trying to get all the paperwork done before Tuesday, which was yesterday. I didn't even export my final videos until this morning during class ! That there just proves how badly I manage my time.

I was so nervous during the presentation. There was my class (which was fine) and there was also the new students for our course who are in their first semester. It's been a long time since I've done a presentation. My hands kept shaking while I was reading my half-assed written speech. I realised after I finish, I could've done so much more better than what I did. My speech was so short, I didn't even explain clearly my problems and other things that were required to be said.

My teacher told me I did a good job afterwards so I did feel a lil bit better.

After the presentation we headed over to the inn nearby for a few drinks =]
It felt good to just relax and unwind after it. Everyone was in good spirits

Drinks for the night~there were more of course....

Now I'm just down to possibly re-submitting my paperwork and handing in a dvd =]

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