Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBQ w/ a friend's family~!

Having the day off work gave me the opportunity to go and have a BBQ with my friend and her family as a celebration for her achieving her certificate III in hairdressing =3

I didn't think it would be packed on a Sunday but hey I was wrong~
Sunday turns out to be family day !

A BBQ is a BBQ. Nothing to say there.
Except I was told to slice the two big chunks of watermelon =__=
That was a mighty task in itself. Thankfully I had help with both of them.

Yeah so after the BBQ me, my friend and her bf went to the musuem. BOTH OF THEM.

At the GOMA Musuem they had the Ron Mueck exhibition. Unfortunately we didn't go in as it turns out you had to buy tickets to enter the exhibit. So we just looked around~

This cute little bunny was at the entrance~

The first time I saw that bunny on someone's facebook I just thought it looked familiar. Then I realised it reminded of this photo...

That photo is pretty old but still!

dead bunny xD

So that's that.

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