Sunday, June 20, 2010

My project assessments~

Now have been uploaded on my vimeo account.
Both projects used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

First project~
Mirror, Mirror

No tutorial was based on for this project.
I've been concentrating on this project for ages! Like, over a month, editing the sequence and working on the after effect scenes.
Kept having to redo storyboards, did animatics and doing test runs.
I had so much help with this from my teachers, in particular a teacher who actually graduated from Film School so he knew what he was doing =D

- comping the 'evil' girl in the mirror to make it as the reflection
- glow jumping up and down on the mirror
- glow around the hand coming out of the mirror and making it pulsate
- ripple on the mirror as the hand/arm was coming out
- lens flare and some other light preset was used to create that big flash of light

Second project~
Soft Drink, Anyone?

Second project was based on a tutorial on, in particular this one: 88. Disintegration

The editing (Premiere Pro) for this video was really easy but the After Effects was a different story. I remember doing that damn tutorial 3 times until I got it right. Actually, even now, I'm not fully satisfied with it but I'm content with what I've done. I know the smoke at the end could definitely be fixed.

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