Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dark and Darker

Two days ago I got my hair cut and dyed. I didn't want to post up the photos I took that day because I didn't like the photos lol so here's some I took today =)

I'm still trying to use to the dark hair. I asked for a dark brown and it came out more like black =\ I'm hoping the color will fade a bit. I haven't had dark hair for over 3 years!!! It's always been some light brown/blonde color, a color my mum really hated xD

I'm enjoying the positive feedback I've been getting from work and friends. Some people at work were, like, wondering,"Is this a new chick?" Then looked at my face carefully and were like "Oh! It's you!" One of my close friends even admitted she walked right past me, forgetting that I had dyed my hair.

My mum's reaction was super delayed though =___= I came home the day I got my hair done and she kind of...raised her eyebrows at me about the length of my hair (she likes short hair....SUPER short hair and my hair is medium long at the moment) but no comment on the color. The morning AFTER she's goes,"OMG! YOU DYED YOUR HAIR! It's a lovely color!" Geez Mum >__>

We'll see how long this dark phase goes for until I revert back to my brown/blonde-ness ~

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