Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happpy Belated New Year for 2012!

Another year has gone past and 2012 is going to be another exciting year, hopefully!

Quick summary of 2011 for me~!
1. Completed my first year of uni and realized how difficult it actually is compared to TAFE lol
2. Said goodbye to being a teenager and turned 20 years old D=
3. Lost a number of friends but gained a few new ones
4. Met a cute guy, who is now my boyfriend =3
5. Still working at the same work place for 3 years now...now onto the 4th year T__T

Mmmm...to be honest I really hated last year. Uni especially! There was a number of reasons:
I felt so dumb because I didn't understand certain things. For example, one of the subjects required us to really look deep into subjects and I remember one of the very first assignments was to write a short essay on who or what inspired and/or motivated us to study the creative industry course. I wrote Lucy Liu as my inspiration but when I discussed it with my tutor, she kept pressing me to delve deeper into the matter "WHY Lucy Liu? Why not another actor?" etc etc Turns out all I needed to do was find a reference that backed up what I was trying to say. And I realised that is how all assignments are in uni == I'm such a dumbass~

Plus I felt out of my depth...there were so many other students that were so much better at doing short films and KNEW how to operate a camera with the apertures and exposure values, even NOW I'm still trying to get my head around it. And also I felt really alone because I didn't know how to make friends >< But once I gained some friends classes became more enjoyable ~ Also I'm quite sad that I lost some dear friends. Some people I don't know why they decided to block me on Facebook but it's alright I suppose. We've drifted too far apart to even keep a conversation going for long so why bother continue to be friends? Some people I understand but one of my goals for this year is to move on from those people that were holding me back and meet new people ~ Actually my goals for 2012 are the pretty much the same every year LOL - study harder~!!!
I'm going to make more effort to be in the uni library to study diligently! And get more than just a 'Pass' mark !

- gym more~!!!
Not fat but I always feel better after a work out and plus I have to pay for membership >_>

- Save more money~!!!
Must.stop.online.shopping! haha xD And buying unless unnecessary things ~ Whenever I look at my taxable income, I'm amazed at how much I earn in a financial year but at the same time I'm annoyed at myself for

- manage time better~!!!
I'm pretty much ALWAYS tardy when it comes to any event...I'm sure my friends hate it

That's it really~~~

So for this year new year's eve I was my bf and we just watched the fireworks at midnight at South Bank. As usual it was packed and the fireworks in Brisbane were...meh...seriously! Compared to like what I see on television for HK or Taiwan it's just bleh =_= I don't even know why I bother sometimes but I'm just happy I started the new year with my bf =)

One side view of Brisbane

I thought this photo turned out quite interesting. It's so bright green!

And to finish this post, self-vain photo of myself =P I'm wearing my new lenses: Geo Bambi Sesame Gray! They're such a beautiful vivid shimmery grey!


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