Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Bought my First DSLR!!!!

THE CANON 550D !!!


Actually I bought it last week and have just been playing around with all week it and IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Firstly, I'm loving the manual controls! I love playing around with the depth of field !
Secondly, QUALITY is infinitely better than my point-and-shoot !
and thirdly, I feel like a pro when I hold the camera hahaha joking about this one xD

I'm really happy I purchased this NOW rather than back during the Christmas period. I was really surprised when I checked online, the price for this DSLR dropped down quite a fair bit. When I went into the store to check if it was really true the sales guy was, like,"No idea why the price dropped but it's a good deal." Lol ~ the guy had told he had already sold 6 of these in one day!!! =O So when I bought it, I managed to nab the final last one =D

So I got the Canon 550D
- 8GB SDHC memory card
- Kenko UV filter lens (I actually bought another the following day because I got one of them stuck on the telephoto lenses =__= fail.)
- lens cleaning kit (which the sales guy chucked in for free)
- and 3 years warranty

All this for just under a grand~!! It is much cheaper than if I had bought the camera at full price. The original RRP for the Canon 550D was around $1200? Plus all those accessories would have added on quite a bit. The sales guy did manage to get me a deal when I purchased all this. I'm also happy to say I bought with MY OWN MONEY and a little help from a gift card ~

I still want to buy a proper camera bag and a tripod for it too but that can wait.

I did want to upload some photos I took but I encountered an unexpected problem when I inserted the memory card into my computer. It kept coming with "I/O error" so I have no access to the photos =[ I can't even use the USB cable either because I need to install a program with the CD that came in the box and my stupid computer can't read CDs ! I couldn't be bothered getting it fixed because I hardly ever used the CD drive. Sooo....I'll have to try and see if I can borrow someone's computer for a little bit ><

The mess I made after I finished unboxing. I really didn't want to pack it again lol


  1. WOO! I have the 550D TOO! but the japanese version so it's the Kiss instead of rebel :P

    1. T^T ngaaaaw~~
      Kiss sounds so much more cuter than Rebel!


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