Sunday, February 19, 2012

Belated Valentine's Day Post!

Don't you just hate it when you're capped when you want to blog? Or in my case, to watch One Piece? LOL I've become an addict to One Piece ever since my bf introduced it to me ~ I use to scorn him for watching it and reading the anime but hey hey, tt's actually pretty getting exciting now though ! They're FINALLY reached the Grand Line! =D -coughs- ok onto post~~

This year I was really happy to spend my first Valentine's Day with someone because I've always been envious of other couples who did all the usual cutesy-couple-y stuff,like receiving flowers and chocolate and being pampered with love from one another T^T But this year was different =3 It was a lovely dinner at a pasta restaurant in the city and I enjoyed it very much.

Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to take a full length photo but I see myself wearing the same outfit in future so stay tuned! =D

My look for the night~

Miss Shop platform heels ♥ ♥ ♥ These are amazing heels! They are death and love ! Extremely comfortable to walk in, didn't need to put in insoles or wear bandages but they are also very scary to walk in because they so high (well higher than usual for me >< )and the way it's designed at the front. Notice how it's not completely flat but goes up slightly? I almost fell down twice because of it!

Unexpectedly received a rose and a box of chocolate from the bf!
I say unexpected because I really wasn't expecting him to go out and buy them lol

Sadly the rose is already dying =(

Self-explantory lol

And another self-vain photo. My eyes look really creepy here T__T I'm wearing GEO Olive Wings in Brown

Hope other people had a lovely Valentine's day =)


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