Monday, February 6, 2012

It's February!!!

I have the strangest habit (if you can call it that) to be posting at the strangest hour @_@

This just a rambling post about my life so far ~ GET EXCITED YO ~!!! =D

Nothing really major happened since last post so I'll just highlight the main events.

1. Celebrated my brother's birthday with this puppy cake purchased from Bread Top. They had three types available: Tiramisu, chocolate or mixed fruit. Since it was going to be a family thing, I knew my mother wouldn't eat chocolate and I wasn't sure how my brother would react to tiramisu so mixed fruit was the safest option. It actually tasted pretty good!

2. Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon
Extremely belated but didn't really celebrate it. Just had an expensive dinner with family. Went to China Town to see the festives with friends. Went clubbing as the club was celebrating the CNY.

3. QUT Connect Training
This year I'm one of the QUT Connectors that will be helping commencing students to get to know one another and let them know about uni life in Orientation Week. At first I was real hesitant because the word 'volunteer' makes me kind of go ... >__> But when I went to first day of training it was super fun meeting other people from other faculties and learning (or rather playing) games as a way to break the ice between new people. I didn't think I would get it because in the interview they were critiquing us on our speaking skills and I stuttered a lot T__T So I was real surprised that I got it.

I can't wait to pass down knowledge that I wished I had learnt about when I was a first year uni student and meet (potential) new students in my major!!
Took a photo with this lovely girl I met in the interview and hung out with throughout the training period. She is so much fun to talk to ! <3
Photo came straight from my phone through the blogger app so that's why it's small!

My goal now is to be more motivated and inspired to go to the gym more often and work on my photography skills!


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