Sunday, February 19, 2012

[Review] GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

((Why is this name so long?? D= ))

Pretty sure everyone already knows the famous Tsubasa Masuwaka designed these lenses so I'm not going to bother with the whole who she is blah blah blah ~~~ Because by NOW everyone (and I mean people who wear circle lenses) should know == Ok, onto review!

GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Manufacturer/Origin: South Korea
Purchased from: Paffu Shop on Fb

These lenses are truly amazing!!! I've only owned one pair of gray lenses being the Angel Edge series and I thought they were alright but this one...this one just PAWNs that one!!! The color is an intense shimmery gray and when worn they can be seen from a distance~

At first, I thought it put a strain on my eyes to be wearing 15mm lenses because up until now I've always worn 14mm. I know, only 1mm difference, shouldn't matter right? But the sizing of the lenses can affect the comfort! These Princess Mimi lenses are very comfortable! They don't irritate my eyes but the very first time I wore them, my eyes did keep watering slightly but after a few wears, it's ok now! Around the 5-6 hr mark they do get slightly dry ! A sign to take them out!

Definitely huge enlargement!

I am LOVING these lenses so much but must be worn with makeup! These are NOT a natural set of lenses.
I'd most likely re-purchase these again because they're so amazing and I'd been looking for a gray lenses that stands out like this. They pop out with such intensity <3 No one has said to me "Oh your eyes are so creepy!" yet but I'm pretty sure it creeps some people out xD I have already posted photos of myself with the Sesame Gray lenses so some photos are a repost ~

As pictured in the stock image, the enlargement is quite visible!

This final photo was taken with flash on~

Until next time~!


  1. Ah-- these lenses always look so fantastic in daylight~~. <33 They look great on ya'.

    S'true that they kinda' need makeup: they're crazy intense. Haha

    1. They are absolutely ah~ma~zing!!! <3 <3 Love these lenses so much! I think they suit people with dark hair better than blondes or light coloured hair ><


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