Friday, February 10, 2012

First Outfit Post *sweats bullets* + My First Mac =)

I love to dress up all glam every now and then and normally I'd photowhore like no tomorrow (pretty sure most self-vain girls do lol) but a lot of times I wish I could take more outfit posts. And this is the first one I've done since owning a DSLR and I must say, tripod is especially useful as times like these!!!

It doesn't look as "pro" as some of lookbook models but hey everyone starts somewhere >< Dress is from DFO. The store didn't have name just huge signs saying Clearance inside. I adore these kind of dresses lately! Especially the bottom part...I love the way it flies behind as I walk :3 My only problem would be the band around the stomach. It's super tight!! Getting into the dress is no problems but getting out is a whole different story! I feel like I need to lose more weight =( Belt: Valley Girl

This lovely "Moon and Sun" bracelet (as it called according to the tag) was from Lovisa.

These shoes are.a.pain. =_= Given to me by someone for my birthday last year. They are from the brand London Rebel. May I say, worst brand ever!!! I have personally purchased shoes from there and it is just not worth it!!
They are cheap (only reason why I bought them), has no support whatsoever inside and gives me problems whenever I wear them ie. blisters and/or almost falling over because the outer sole is easily worn out.
So why do I still have them? I have no more heels left >_< So at the moment, I am just waiting for the autumn/winter shoes to come so I can buy a similar pair then throw these out!!!

My face yo!!!

To finish off these post, I just wanted to let everyone know I am now a proud and happy owner of a Macbook Pro =) it's so beautiful <3 Took almost of my savings but it will be worth it when it comes to actually using in uni. At the moment I'm using it to watch movies LOL



  1. Yowch-- sorry those shoes kill your feet. D: Have you thought about perhaps getting an in-sole or a liner for them? Until you get a pair of look-alikes, anyway?...

    Ah, in any case, that dress looks LOVELY on you! And you have such a nice figure-- I don't see any extra need to lose weight based upon that. o:

    1. Hiii ~~~
      Ngaaaw thank you so much for your compliments ! =)
      Yesh I've bought insoles for them but only helps with the balls of the feet...they still rub on the sides =( Uni is starting soon so I won't be wearing them as often ~

  2. love the outfit babw.. ure really pretty!
    good to see a fellow brisbanite :D
    following hun

    follow me back if u like xx

      Soooo much makeup xD Definitely following you ~~

      And thank you so much for your comment =)
      Really appreciate it !


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