Monday, April 12, 2010


Yes...after I told myself, "you're doing well not spending unnecessarily!" I go and spend like $160 on stuff lol

Ok well 2 of those 'stuff' were important...I went to a furniture store to buy a new shelf to put my crap (being books & cds & dvds) into since my mum took my other one =_= We find this nice small white one, only costing $100. Then as we were browsing I came across this computer chair discounted from $300 to $200 =D So darn comfy!!! And bigger than my current one too~So I put that one on layby for now.

Then I confirmed an order I've placed through a soompier. I'll be getting these 3 dresses in a few weeks time, I hope!

(My fave one of the 3. I just hope it fits me alright >o<)

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