Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today I had a day off of work due to it being Anzac Day.
And I took this opportunity to go and film for my assessment.
So on Friday arvo I had to carry the (heavy!) camera equipment all the way home =_=

Yeah so I got to my friend's house around 9.30am and start setting up the equipment while waiting for another friend to show up. We didn't start until 10.30am or so.
So off we filmed for, like, 4 hours. Of course we had an hour lunch break. By the end of the day, I'm somewhat satisfied by what I've filmed today. I wasn't happy with the tripod coz it was so difficult to get it standing straight and level. We even managed to incorporate some new scenes that I didn't even originally add in!

I am also just a tad concerned about the green screen part...>o< aissssh!

Unfortunately I didn't take as many photos as I would like during the process. In fact, it would've been nice if someone was taking Behind the scenes shots while I was filming but no...=[ Perhaps next time in future...

Now I just have to carry the equipment, via train and walking, back to campus on Tuesday morning! =O

My masterpiece. I call it 'Animal Kingdom'

-Just some crazy stuff I got up to with my friend's collection of stuffed toys haha. The brown cat at the very bottom looks a lil sad =P-

-My friend owns a slanty cup and my other friend owns a slanty lipstick LOL-

-On another one of our breaks-

-Love You!-

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