Wednesday, April 7, 2010

`My 7th day of being on holidays

Today I went out with a high school friend to go and see a movie. We both particularly wanted to see 'How to Train Your Dragon' in 3d and so we did! The 12.30pm session was full so we had to get the next session, which was 2.45pm.

We bought our tickets then headed out to ChinaTown for yum cha. My friend kept telling me she was wanting to eat a char siu bao XD I just lol`ed when she told me that. So off we went. We only ate 6 dishes among the two of us and we were full already ! Ended up costing $26.80 ~ not too bad ~

~Restuarant we ate at~

Then I had to go the chinese supermarkets to buy my crap but ended up only buying this Hello Kitty white chocolate candy, which DOES NOT taste like white chocolate at all =3 My friend got this lychee drink, which as she described 'like having a party in your mouth'~ it was fizzzzzzzy

~The chocolate inside was shaped as HK's head~

After that we went back to the cinemas to watch the movie. It. was. bloody. packed. T_T I'm thankful we bought our tickets early.

Alrighty. How to Train Your Dragon was a FANTASTIC movie! I loved it! I enjoyed it thoroughly without thinking how animators did this or that. There was a scene, that was shown in the trailer as well, where Hiccups says to Toothless (the dragon) "thanks for nothing, you useless reptile." in this bored voice hahaha Toothless is so darn cute`! He's my fave character =P

(I had a nagging feeling that Toothless looked familiar from somewhere. Reading someone's blog turns out he resemble Stitch...true that.)

The ending was something I was NOT expecting, that's fo`sure. It was still a happy ending but still it was a little bit sad what happened to Hiccups.

I recommend watching this movie. It gives the audience feelings of happiness, sadness, anticipation and much more.

I also bought this Hello Kitty phone strap for $2 from this Gacha machine in ChinaTown XD

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