Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shopping today =]

Since my holidays started I haven't done much, just stay at home or work.
Today I went out with a high school friend and we shopped in the city.
The mission today was to find a birthday present for me since it's next week. She told me not to leave it up to her imagination so off we went !

At first I mentioned I wanted perfume but I changed my mind and said let's get me a bag for clubbing instead. I really wanted one of those bags that hangs similar to a sports bag....? Like I didn't want to carry it around while I was inside dancing in a club.

Yeah we visited various stores until I settled at Forever New. Well more like she did. I liked the look of this bag and she's, like, "Ok we're getting this one!"

I know it looks a lil weird with the whole flowery thing on it & how the handle isn't consistent but I like it <3 It's different from the other bags I have so that's a good thing!

We also went on a perfume hunt since a particular store was having a sale. I have fallen in love with Oscar Soft Blossom ~~~ Sooo sweet & it's a subtle scent too! I can't seem to find many reviews for this though ~ I really should just purchase it since I want a bottle of perfume.

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