Saturday, July 10, 2010

19 years old ~ !

Today marks a momentous occasion! My birthday =)
I am now 19 years old =_= That's the last year of being a 'teen' lol

I quickly organised a small dinner with my close friends, only one of them was unable to make it but that was alright. So once I met up with one of my friends we headed together to meet our other friend who was still working. We were actually on the opposite road, watching her working. Then she comes out holding her phone, we waited at the crossing and as she walks towards us....SHE PROCEEDS TO WALK STRAIGHT PAST US!!!!!! =O

Then I was, like, yeah let's just follow her from behind and so we did. She didn't notice us until the last minute when she stopped.

It used to be an old church that is now a pancake restaurant. We had to wait about 15-20mins because there was a queue. Shows just how popular having pancakes for dinner is! The thing that annoys the crap out of me is that prices aren't shown the menu EXCEPT for the pancakes. Like my friend ate this Greek kind crepe but it had no price next to it.

I got the Blackforest Cherry or whatever it was called. It was chocolate pancakes with cherries around it~~~Soooo sweeeet ~ The cherries tasted fantastic! AND there was a scoop of ice cream on top too! Tastes best while it is still hot!

After dinner I wanted to take sticky photos and my friends agreed to my selfish wish ~

I went to meet my work mate at the Fortitude Valley train station because we planned on going to Reiji's together with her friends.
We headed to the X&Y Bar first. I had this pink drink that was sweet~It was quite nice. We chilled there for a bit then headed over to Cloudland. The interior decor for Cloud land is gorgeous~That sounds cheesy but it is! It was just this classy feel to it.

Then FINALLY Reiji's! The queue wasn't that long, entrance was cheap, there was a mix of white&black&asian people mingling. Two floors: Bottom floor is dancefloor, top floor is overviewing the dance floor and seats on the sides.

Didn't recognize some of the songs but I was sooo insanely happy when they started playing some kpop songs! I recall:

2NE1 - Fire
2NE1 - Pretty Boy
SNSD - Gee
Suju - Sorry Sorry (haha when this song came on, my friend & I began doing the sorry sorry dance along with everyone else xD)
Wonder Girls - Nobody

English ones were alright but yes there definitely should've been more kpop songs!

I had a scarf on that night but I had to tie to my bag =|
Thankfully my bag is a shoulder bag.

I encountered this Brazilian guy that kept wanting to dance with me =_= It was so annoying....
Then there was this cute blondie who danced with me xD But I kinda rejected him half way while dancing ...........
Then there was this 23yo korean guy who came up to me & friend and began dancing...I was liek 'WTF? Go away.' Turns out he wanted to be friends and asked me for my number....

Overall, I enjoyed my first experience at Reiji's =)
Truth to be told, I prefer KK ~

To end off this post, a photo of the gifts my friends gave me.

LEFT: A cute fragile little box that can store my earrings or rings or whatever I fancy.
RIGHT: A hair damage protector, which is quite useful since I frequently straighten & blowdry my hair.


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