Monday, July 5, 2010

... Do I Choose You???

Ever since last year I've been on a perfume hunt, trying to find that one that I like best and would best suit me. I've been in the same department stores over and over again and could never make up my mind every time I went >o<

I'd pick one up, spray it, smell it & think,"Yes! This is the one!" then I'd look at the price and slowly put it back on the shelf and walk away. I've done this soooo many times~!

So today I was determined to buy myself one before I went home. I walked around in the city for about an hour and half, smelling the perfumes and checking out the prices. The high-end stores were more expensive but I did find that a few pharmacies sold perfumes as well at a slightly lower price.

Eventually I was torn between Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta Soft Blossom.

Daisy is a light, fresh scent that is ideal for everyday use. Would be perfect to use during Spring/Summer seasons! This cute little bottle contains "notes of: grapefruit, strawberries and violet with underlying notes of musk and jasmine."
Just hearing that doesn't it make you think it would smell wonderfully sweet ?

Soft Blossom is just this wonderful soft floral fragrance and has got "notes of grapefruit and pink peppercorns mix with a smattering of rose petals". This is slightly stronger than Daisy and lasts longer (as I can still smell it even after my shower!)

So yes it down to these two >O<

And, in the end................

I eventually bought Daisy by Marc Jacobs! =D

I have intentions of buying Soft Blossom at a later date ~ or convince someone else to buy it for me =P ~ Because who says a girl can't have more than one bottle of perfume???

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