Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last night was the graduation ceremony.
Pictures say a thousand words so here we go~!

01. Me in my graduation gown ! We didn't have those square hats though but that's ok. University is more fitting to wear those.

02. Back of the gown. There was a hood to it !

03. The ceremony stage ... the MC told us the stage was hollow and not to stomp across the stage when we received our awards lol

04. Me and two most awesome girls ! We laughed so much throughout the 18months that I'm certain our classmates got annoyed by the sound of it xD

05. A back shot of our gowns ? Lol reverse order~

06. FINALLY I have the diploma ! Duno why I'm holding it sideways~

07. Refreshments and food were being served AFTER the ceremony. This is just one of the plates - vietnamese spring rolls & sushi mmmm.....

08. Getting ready before the ceremony. I putting my contacts in =_=

All in all it was a good night despite the fact I got a fever during the ceremony.
There were more photos but I'm too lazy to net is capped as it is.

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