Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 12

I keep having this nagging feeling that it's someone's birthday today but I can't remember who...=\

Anyways I went out to the city (Yes, AGAIN) to hang out with my friends from Tafe. It was good to catch up with them after not seeing them for two weeks~

We went to a korean restuarant for lunch and chatted. When my friend went back to Japan I requested if she could buy me fashion magazines while she was there....

Annnnnnnnnnddd.....HERE THEY ARE! =D

July issues of ViVi & Popteen

I am sooo happy I don't have to resort to online downloading for this month lol
She also brought back this adorable Totoro keychain! I was so not expecting it! I still haven't taken it out of its plastic packaging, I don't want it to get dirty >o<

Then we headed off to our other friend's new apartment, which has the most fantastic view! The second photo is the Story Bridge right across the place she's staying at.


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