Friday, March 30, 2012

[PHOTO SPAM/DIARY] A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Hooray this is my 100th post! Taken me quite a long time hey ==

Very delayed with blog posts and I decided this post shall be picture heavy of what I did the past week =)

Taken today =) Finally had an opportunity to wear my pink flats! <3 a="a" ago="ago" and="and" anything="anything" been="been" bought="bought" closet="closet" couldn="couldn" find="find" flats.="flats." for="for" href="" in="in" it="it" less="less" love="love" match="match" much="much" my="my" sitting="sitting" so="so" sooo="sooo" t="t" than="than" then="then" these="these" they="they" title="Untitled by Didi Le Photography, on Flickr" to="to" ve="ve" with="with" year="year">

Went to my friend's 21st and I wore my black "mullet" dress, as people like to keep calling it T__T
She had a pretty pink and white theme happening. Won't post up many because she's a private person.
As her birthday present, she requested I became her personal photographer that night =)



2012-03-24 23.13.58

Went to my first Mad Dance House Hip Hop class last Friday and it was the bomb!!! D= but despite that it was super fun!!! I'm sad tonight that I couldn't attend due to assessments =(

2012-03-19 13.29.06

And what is a post without some selcas? lol =P
2012-03-24 17.56.39
App: Pudding Camera
App: Pudding Camera

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  1. aw you look so gorgeous :)
    I love the pudding camera app! It's so fun to play with.


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