Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meeting Wong Fu Productions!!!

Wong Fu Productions March 2012

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to see Wong Fu Productions! I was so pumped for it when I first heard they were coming to Brisbane but I really didn't want to miss out. I almost did but thankfully I got my friend & her bf to come with me =)

It was a really chilled environment where Wes & Phil just talked to us about their experience and growth of Wong Fu Productions. Sadly, Ted wasn't there due to personal issues (that's what Phil said) and had to stay back at LA. BUT at least there was Wes <3 oh my gosh~~~Wes, WHY ARE YOU SUCH A CUTIE???!! XD ahaha They're both really funny cool guys and it would be super awesome I reckon if we had the opportunity to hang out with them.

Throughout the seminar (is that what you would call it? O_o) they played videos of their work including an exclusive video that had not been posted online yet. Felt really special and exciting to view something other people have not yet seen ^^

Then it was a quick Q&A session with the audience then it was time for Meet & Greet! XD We told to stay seated and Wes & Phil would come through each aisle to sign one thing. I saw one guy getting his Macbook Pro signed =O That's amazing that he would do that!!!! My friend and I got the guys to sign the poster that was being sold as we walked in. (I'm so grateful to my friends that bought the merchandise because I had no cash on me T__T)

Then after that we were told there wouldn't be enough time to have individual shots for everyone so we had to take it in groups but -ahem- I managed to =P My only regret is not hugging Wes =( and Phil too ~~

Anyways I'll end this post with the best part: photos =)







If you haven't checked out Wong Fu, DO IT NAOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!


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