Monday, March 5, 2012


I went to watch LOVE yesterday and it's an alright movie. I found a lot of hype about it on Facebook but I personally didn't find the movie that spectacular. To sum it up, this drama and comedy move is about:

"Eight people try to end their loneliness by searching for that one person to love, who can make their life complete." (

There are the usual set of characters: rich girl, poor girl, poor boy, single mum, little boy who wants a daddy etc etc ... Each of them have their own story lines but each characters are connected.

The comedy side of the movie was actually pretty funny. Of course it's not the typical Hollywood in-your-face kind of humour but still funny. For example, there are two girls fighting because one of them slept with the best friend's bf and she's pregnant.

Girl 1: So whose baby is it??
Girl 2: (pause) It's mine.

Everyone in the audience cracked up laughing at that line because typically you'd expect the girl to reply with the guy's name instead of saying that.

The director Doze Niu also stars in his own movie as the rich Uncle Lu~The one scene that had an impact on me was when Niu was sitting outside in front of his huge mansion crying. I found that scene spoke a lot, meaning doesn't matter how rich you may be, you can still be unhappy or lonely if you don't have someone to love. Or something like that >< I'm really bad with these kind of analysing >< Would I rewatch it? Personally, no. It was a nice film but it didn't captivate me that well. Here's the trailer:


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