Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roses and Roses...


I was bored yesterday so I decided to play Dress Up & Model lol I was actually deciding what look to do for this coming Friday since it is someone's birthday party. And I thought since I'm all dressed up I'd try and do a mini photoshoot with myself. Can I just say, it is so hard T___T Being the model, the photographer, the props person and the makeup person all by yourself is pretty tough!!!

I'm kind of regretting I didn't purchase the DSLR that had a flip-out screen (easy to selca!! XD) but I made do with what I had. I had a whole box full of rose petals from my film assessment so I thought I'd reused them for fun. But it was so hard to time the throwing of the rose petals correctly because they fall pretty quickly and then I'd end up some blurry photo of looking retarded lol.

Here are some of the nice ones out of the hundred photos I took. Looking at all the photos lined up I realised how inconsistent my Photoshopping skills are lol sorry !! Please don't hurt me ~~

Cropped this photo, as you can see above, and made it my Timeline cover on FB haha



Raaaar, you can actually see my fake eyelash about to fall off here!! >< Roses004

I'm probably just going to go with simple smoky eyes paired with bright lipstick. Might leave my hair straight but see how I feel that night =)


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