Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Weekend - Birthdays !

Southbank, Brisbane

I've been procrastinating a whole lot this past week because I haven't started a number of assignments that are due in about 3-4 weeks times so I've been feeling...free? So I've been doing a lot of non-uni-related stuff lol

I got to watch The Avengers!! Apparently it was a 2.5hr film but it didn't feel like to me. Perhaps I've gotten use to watching films that run that long now thanks to uni. It's a good film but I personally wouldn't want to watch it again! Superheroes and action are not my favorite genres but The Avengers did have comedy in it =) I still enjoyed it but I just don't see what all the hype is about.

Then after the film, my bf & I did a mini photoshoot because I brought along my DSLR. It mainly consisted of coupley photos so I'm not gonna post them up lol we were really just practicing our photography skills so a number of them were blurry or were taken at unflattering angles. Here's one I'm happy to share but according to the lovely bf, I looked stoned T_T (buddy, you took this one!)

Attended a friend's birthday at a bar in the city. It was actually pretty good! I'm not fond of bars or pubs but it was just a great chill out session and meeting new people where you could actually hear one another talk!

Attended the Buddha Festival and just ate and ate LOL Buddha Festival is the same every year but it was another great day to just hang out with the bf =) (FYI: Buddha Festival is held in celebration for Buddha's Birthday)


This part of the show was pretty cool and still baffles me. There are two performers and every now and then their mask would just switch to a completely different mask. You can see in the first photo the lady has a BLUE mask on but later on changes throughout the performance. It's really intriguing!!! Because there is nothing underneath their costumes (or none that the audience could see) that would trigger the change. Initially, I thought it was whenever they touched their mask with their hands but at one point, both their hands were up in the air and it automatically changed!

Buddha Festival

Buddha Festival

Buddha Festival: Lanterns


Peach Mango & Lemon Lime dipping dots...was my bf's first time trying & he didn't like it T^T
Dipping Dots

schooo schooo fluffy Alaskan Husky
Buddha Festival

Buddha Festival

Forever disappointed. Lanterns are never lit up entirely.
Buddha Festival

Buddha Festival

Also went to the museum yesterday but photos are on my phone ! >< So have to wait until next time!



  1. Looks like you had fun~~
    Ahh how could he not like the dipping dots? Even I like the dots... and I hate ice cream XD

  2. the city lights bokeh in the background of that picture look so pretty! haha seems like Brisbane looks a lot like Sydney, as my bf and I recently did a night-time shoot in the city as well. and what's this dipping dots thing? do you dip it in anything or are they just like little balls of sugary goodness? XD


    1. So sorry for the late reply! Thank you for your compliment! I love bokeh bg too! Really helps focus the viewer on the subject of the photo~
      Really? I haven't seen Sydney at night time before ~ You should do a photoshoot with your bf at night and post up your lovely photos !
      And dipping dots is just another weird form of ice-cream haha once you put the dipping dots into your mouth it just melts into one big lump of...thing? lol


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