Friday, April 29, 2011

New shoes ! XD

Yes I went shopping. AGAIN.
This time for shoes ><

Fashion shopping in Australia can really suck sometimes because the fashion is not cute and stylish like Asia. They tend to be more on the plain side =\

So I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into a particular store all the shoes were so cute and adorable!!! The SA then told me the shoes were imported from Taiwan! The shop was having a sale ... 20% off the first pair, and 40% off the second pair. Though when I look at my receipt, it doesn't really work out the way I think it does but I'm not too bothered. They were already on a huge discount anyways. From $150 down to $70!

Isn't the bow just adorable!??!

I used to absolutely loathe the color pink but I've found myself being attracted to it lately (pink nail polish, hair accessories etc) and these shoes are no exception. Though now I'm wondering what I can wear with them...because most of my clothes are dark =\

What's really amazing about these shoes, the inside of the shoes are really comfortable! It's like walking on cushions! Almost! XD
Can't wait to wear them out more ~

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