Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!

I did not celebrate this because I was too busy stressing out over this uni assessment I had to hand it in today. Stayed up until 3am to do it! =_= Still ended up editing it a few hours later. Fingers crossed I pass.

Anyways, so today just hung out with a friend. We had Japanese for lunch!!! =D Haven't had Japanese for sooo long...I didn't even end up finishing mine =P

Chicken Karrage Bento Box

Takoyaki Balls!!! =D

Then my friend and I went to the Purikura machine, which was absolutely graffiti-ed everywhere inside LOL no wonder it was cheap ==

We also entered one of the stores that sold asian cosmetics. See this???

This is Candy Doll lip gloss ! I really wanted to purchase one once I found out they were in store but the price ... ! D= It was double the amount I expected ($38AUD to be precise) so I just carefully put the item back on the rack and walked out. I want it but think I might stick to buying online xD

I ended buying a cheap lip gloss from some other store. I've been reading someone's blog about NYX and she is huge fan of it so i decided why not give it a go? I'm only going to lose $9 LOL

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