Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, actually I went yesterday but was too tired to blog about it until now. (actually Im still really tired but Im going to do it anyways). It was great to get away from uni assessments and just relax.

So I met up with my friends at Central train station and train-ed it to Helensvale train station. From there we caught the bus to Harbour Town. At Harbour Town, I bought this cute black ruffled skirt from Portmans. Impulse buying! >< Then we headed to Surfers Paradise, which meant we caught another bus.

Ate lunch before heading off to the beach! It was such lovely weather!!! The morning started off overcast and rainy but by the time we got there, it was sunny! And a tad windy ><


The place we ate at for lunch didn't have a sign so I took their business card XD

my couple friend, such a funny pair xD

lonely me~~I was mostly behind the camera that day

We spent an hour at the beach then went to Timezone. We played so many fun games =D My favourite were Laser Skirmish & Dodgem Cars =)

My friend & I found this funny mirror that could make you look skinny, fat or tall!!!

Ended the day with a spectacular view of this ferris wheel while waiting for the bus to go back home =)

All in all, it was a great day =)

EDIT: wanted to show off the Mashimaro toy my friend got for me with the points she & her bf collected xD yaaaah so cute!!! >< The TOY! not me, lol~

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