Thursday, January 17, 2013

[REVIEW] theDollyEye Ariale in Grey


So I have another circle lenses review! This time it is Ariale lenses from The Dolly Eye brand! This is my first time to try a different brand from GEO. I saw a similar one in the GEO catalogue however it didn't come prescripted so I opted for The Dolly Eye.

Please note I have worn these lenses for about 2-3 weeks before reviewing. 


Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Purchased from: Paffu Shop 

Color & Design: 
It's dark grey and has a "diamond" design on it. Close up, you can see the design well however from a distance, it is creates somewhat a halo effect on the eyes. 

This is my first pair of circle lenses from theDollyEye and they are quite comfortable! I feel almost as though the lenses are slightly thinner than GEO lenses but they were a breeze to put into my eyes. Like any other lenses, after a period of time my eyes do get dry and uncomfortable but not to the point of irritation. 

Being a 14.5mm lenses, it looks much bigger when worn! 

A brilliant grey color with a diamond design, theDollyEye Ariale lenses are one for attention. In my opinion, they DO NOT blend well with the natural eye but with a lens this design, that is to be expected. Best paired with bold or dramatic makeup to make your lenses stand out. 

I may not buy these again as I like to experiment with other designs but for a first time buyer of theDollyEye, I am pleased with this pair. 








Thank you for reading my review !

Ps. Sorry for the inconsistent editing and sizing of photos. I didn't realise until I uploaded them ><


  1. Oh my gosh: these look so sparkly and gorgeous on you! They really play off your pretty, dark hair.

    (Also, the Dolly eye has lenses from Vassen, G&G/Dueba, and EOS. All of which, as I remember, are thinner than Geo lenses, so yeah: that'll likely account for comfort level. :3)

    1. Ahh is that so? No wonder they are much more comfortable than GEO lenses =)

  2. So pretty :)
    I love the design~~

    1. =D Me too! But definitely more for a party than everyday look ^^

  3. this is super pretty! makes your eyes look so sparkly!

    xo; L&M


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