Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Youth Week 2012 !

National Youth Week 2012
I volunteered to help out with the launch of National Youth Week this year and, gotta say, it was the most chill volunteer job I've ever done. Like literally. I don't do much except watch the performances and cheer the performers on. I thought since it was the launch of the event it'd be super busy but all the staff were well organised.

So what is National Youth Week?
It's a week long event running from Friday 13th April to Sunday 22nd April with many different events held and catered to young people of Australia. There are workshops ranging from knowing to do horror makeup and film projects and dancing and more.

Before heading out onto the job =)

The main stage. There were two other stages for acoustic performers.
National Youth Week Brisbane Launch
2012-04-13 National Youth Week Brisbane Launch

These guys are called the Green Gremlins and they performed funny skits.
At one stage, one of the guys bit into a raw potato D=
National Youth Week Brisbane Launch
National Youth Week Brisbane Launch

Cam-whoring while on the job with my lovely friends xD

One of the fun perks of volunteer positions is meeting new people =) Met a cute girl I was working with, who we found out we both share the same birthday in the same month with only 4 days apart! =O Same age too!

Possibilities of conjoined birthday parties, maybe? ;D

Until next time~

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