Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Saturday I went to the Albion Comedy Club for my friend's birthday. My friend is not the clubbing type and is more into simple dinners. It was quite nice.

So we had dinner and while we did, comedians would go up and tell all these funny situations and jokes. There were 2 of them that weren't that great.

The top joke of the night for me was about condoms.

Ok there so are flavoured condoms but there are now such things as sugar-free and fat-free condoms??? How much cock does a girl need to suck in order for her to get fat?

LOL best one of the night. The last comedian was pretty good too. Saying things like, when a girl invites you to go shopping with her, she is inviting to her enter HER WORLD. See what HER WORLD is like. So that at night when you invite her to YOUR WORLD she will come to you. If you don't go shopping with her then there's no chance of sex lolol a bad explainer .__.

My dinner...Some asian noodle thing.

Friend's dinner: Green curry!

We also had a chocolate mudcake but cbf taking a photo when it tasted so good xD

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