Saturday, July 2, 2011


I cannot believe time has flown so quickly and it is already July!
8 more days until I leave my teenage years !

So I redyed my hair after 3 months. This time I went to a new salon called Mumu Hair & Beauty. It's run by Koreans but there are Chinese too. And the best part? They play kpop music while you're getting your hair done xD Oh and they have a giant tv somewhere to watch the kpop live perfs ~

Photo from their Facebook page. More photos can be found HERE

I went from this:

to this:

Big change, yes? This is the lightest I have ever gone. Every now and then, under certain lighting, my hair looks slightly green =\

Customer service?
I felt quite welcomed when I walked into the salon. The girls were so friendly =)

$400 -> $370
The most I have ever paid for a hair dye job. Because I had to get my hair bleached then redyed I had to pay double the price. And because I came in early in the morning (10.30am?) I got $30 off the total price. I got a trim for free.

Worth it?
I think so. They dyed my entire hair properly and I don't see any patchy or missed spots, like the previous hair salon. I'm quite satisfied with it =)

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