Saturday, September 11, 2010

Palty Maple Doughnut hairdye Review

I went from an orange to a tomato
well...that's just how I like to think of it when I dyed my hair.
I previously dyed my hair with 'Treatment Bleach - Natural Brown' in this post here.
And looking at the dyed photos after I realised my hair was, like, orange O__o

Anyways 4 months later my hair eventually faded to this nice color that I liked but my black roots were showing =[ It was sooo bad. Having light colored hair and black roots is not

I was originally going to into a salon to get it done but then I decided I cbf sitting for like 3-4hrs when I can get it done in an hour. I told myself if I go orange again then the next time I will go to the salon despite the cost.

Ok so I bought my box of Palty in Elizabeth Arcade (I'm in Brisbane, Australia) in one of those asian beauty stores. I went to this particular store because it's got more color choices than the other stores.

That's the bag I received when I bought the products.
And that's the name of the store: CUTiE.

The Palty box.
Front. Top. Back.

So this is my disgusting hair BEFORE DYEING.
Notice all the black patches ? =_=

Back of my head. Soooo bad =\

So you get all the usual sha-bang from the box.
It's really easy dyeing hair. Just mix bottles 1 & 2 together and apply to hair!

I left my dye in for roughly an hour before washing it out. The conditioner from the box smells so good! Makes my hair feels so soft and nice afterwards!

Photos taken w/ flash so I will have to get a photo of my hair in natural sunlight soon.

Doesn't it look more red now???? Could also be on the lighting but it's darker than my previous color.


  1. it's beautiful <3
    I'm currently dying my hair with it. The problem is my cousin his doused a bit of my head with water. So I think the dye is dripping off. Le sigh.

  2. so the dye colored your black hair too? i absolutely love that color, i have been trying to find out how to get that color :)

    1. Yes the colour dyed over my black hair. Everyone's hair colour result will be different ~ I had already dyed mine so that may be why it's more reddish

  3. How many boxes did you use??


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